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Steps to watch Super Junior being DJ on live ~~

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Suju Arbitrator
Suju Arbitrator
Kiss the radio(sukira)-DJ-Leetuek & Eunhyuk
I hope this helps everyone out!

1. Go to http://www.kbs.co.kr/radio/kong/index.html
2. Click on the image that says New Version Download 3

3. Download Setup.exe.
4. Run Setup.exe.
5. Click the button that says (N) three times, and then the button that says (F).

6. The program should automatically start up when it is done installing.
7. You’ll have to sign up and get a username and password.
8. Click on KBS Join In
9. You’ll be taken to https://sso.kbs.co.kr/Join/Join.asp?site=www.kbs.co.kr
10. Click on Click here for foreigner and you’ll get the rules/directions in English.
11. Click on If you’re a foreigner living abroad…

Are you a Mac user?
Maybe this should also be added to the first post under listening to Sukira seeing as there are some Mac users out there...

Unfortunately Mac users CAN'T listen to Sukira LIVE using KBS downloads or gom player (unless you use Boot Camp or Parallel Desktop which are virtual PC machines that you can set up on Macs to have Windows run on Macs). What you can do is listen to it when it becomes available on itunes.

Go to "Podcasts" and search for "슈퍼주니어의 Kiss the Radio"... subscribe. This should allow you to get the past Sukira episodes that are available and get future Sukira episodes. Click on "settings" to set up your preferences.

+ sukira officially has a cyworld now

Chunji-DJ-Sungmin & Sunny(SNSD)
1. Go to Melon's website
2. Look to the left side of the page, and click on the red button with white & yellow text that says <라디오 방송듣기>
3. Wait for the pop-up to finish loading, then click on the flashy purple button that says <보이는 라디오>

ChinChin-Kangin & Taeyeon(SNSD)
first thing first : all you foreigners : register here

you have to open the CHIN CHIN WEBSITE with Internet Explorer ( i tried on firefox and nothing came out when clicked on anything)

you'll see this and click at the mini thing~~

this will comeout and click at the mini thing again(its suppose to stand for mini player i think)

then just save it and run the installer as usual~

this will comeout when you run the installer~click at (N)

and then, this will come out~ make sure you click at (A) and then click at (N)

one window with a bar will come out..just wait till its finished..

after you finished installing~this will come out~ just key in your ID at the 1st blank and password at the second blank~

credit La'MISS:fairy@soompi,laydeebutterfly@soompi, blurkimchi@DBJR

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