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Petition for MIROTIC in Malaysia Concert by RedStar‏

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Posted on behalf of westkitsune of Fangirlmitz:

As you probably know, TVXQ will not be having a concert in Malaysia this year for their 3rd Asia Tour MIROTIC. However, one of the Malaysian fans contacted me(westkitsune) and her team wished for there to be a Malaysian leg of the tour, so we talked about possible promotions and came up with a petition. She mentioned to me that she has been contacting DREAMMAKER for their plan,and that DREAMMAKER is now aware of this petition and consequently, SMEntertainment should it push through.

"DREAMMAKER is aware of this petition"


RedStar and Marctensia* in cooperation with fangirlmitz hopes and petitions to bring you the:

3rd Asia Tour Concert MIROTIC LIVE in Malaysia

We aim to have at least 20,000 fans attending for the concert to push through. With 30,000 fans in the Seoul event alone it is likely to be achieved, considering how big TVXQ is becoming. Aside from the initial released five cities in S.Korea , China and Thailand , however, we wish to petition for one more city to be added to the list.

RedStar Team plans to make this event a reality, so we want to ask fans if you would be interested in:

In one payment

Concert Ticket + Lodging (duration of concert) + Transport to Concert Venue
~Lodging may be in same vicinity of TVXQ.~ Transportation will be with other fellow TVXQ fans.
Possible FANMEETING is also included in RedStar’s petition.
Please submit in ONLY IF at least 50% sure capable of going! All information submitted will be kept confidential.



PHONE [Malaysian Residents]:
VALID E-MAIL: (1 per person)
FREE TIMES/PREFERRED DATES: (around December preferably a free-from-exam date)

SEND IT TO: redkstar@hotmail.com
OR FAX IT TO: +61894583162

DEADLINE is before February 14, 2009!

For inquiries, suggestions and comments send it in as well redkstar@hotmail.com. We highly encourage and request for you to repost this information and or translate to other languages.
We can make this event happen! Watch out for more information!
* Marctensia will be organizing Jason Mraz live concert in March - Kuala Lumpur .

Follow the link for the official post on Fangirlmitz~

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Sri Lanka minister denies Tamil national anthem ban

The Tamil version of the national anthem is an exact translation of the Sinhala version
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Seeking the truth in Sri Lanka
Sri Lanka bans BBC from hearings
Sri Lankan war inquiry launched
A Tamil minister in the Sri Lankan cabinet has denied reports that the Tamil version of the national anthem has been abolished.

Traditional Industries Minister Douglas Devananda said the idea was discussed in a cabinet meeting last week.

But he told the BBC President Mahinda Rajapaksa decided to keep both versions because no agreement could be reached.

Earlier reports that the Tamil version had been abolished followed a story in a Sri Lankan newspaper on Sunday.

But Mr Devananda has told BBC Tamil that although the idea was raised at last Wednesday's cabinet meeting, no decision was made.

The national anthem is only ever sung in Tamil in the north and east of Sri Lanka, where most Tamils live.

Confusion continued to reign over the issue on Monday as another government minister was quoted as telling AP news agency that the cabinet had indeed decided only the original Sinhala-language version of the anthem should be sung publicly.

Public Administration Minister John Seneviratne then denied making the comments.

Meanwhile, Housing Minister Wimal Weerawansa voiced his support for the idea of abolishing the Tamil version of the anthem, labelling the practice "a joke".

He said that in no other country was the national anthem sung in more than one language, including India whose anthem is only sung in Hindi, despite the fact that hundreds of languages are spoken in the country.

The Tamil anthem is an exact translation of the Sinhala version, sung to the same tune, and has been around since Sri Lanka gained independence in 1948.

The Sri Lankan army defeated the Tamil Tigers in May 2009 after the rebels had fought a 26-year battle for a separate homeland for the Tamil minority.

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