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Dong Bang Shin Ki Vol. 4 - Mirotic (Korea Version C)

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Suju Arbitrator
Suju Arbitrator


01 . Wrong Number
02 . 사랑아 울지마 (Don't Cry My Lover)
03 . 주문(MIROTIC)
05 . HEY!(Don't bring me down)
06 . 소원 (Wish)
07 . 넌 나의 노래 (You're My Melody)
08 . 노을..바라보다 (Picture Of You)
09 . 무지개 (Rainbow)
10 . 사랑 안녕 사랑 (Love Bye Love)
11 . 낙원 (Paradise)
12 . 악녀 (Are You A Good Girl)
13 . Flower Lady
14 . Don't Say Goodbye
15 . 잊혀진 계절 (Forgotten Season)
16 . Love In Ihe Ice

This edition comes with four bonus tracks including "Wish" (Track 6).
Finally, the wait is over! Korea's sensational boy band Dong Bang Shin Ki releases their fourth full-length Korean album Mirotic, much to the excitement of fans who have been waiting patiently for almost two years. The album's title Mirotic comes from the Korean word "miro" (which means "maze") and the English suffix "-tic"; together, the title is intended to mean being warped into the depths of a labyrinth. Returning to K-pop after two years of working primarily in Japan, the boys reel out their masculine appeal with powerful beats and memorable tunes. Speaking of sending love energy to an attractive girl, the album's title song Mirotic (Track 1) is a reverse-beat dance number for which TVXQ collaborated with renowned Scandinavian songwriters Remee and Thomas Troelsen (the producing team behind BoA's American debut song Eat You Up) and famous dance choreographer Kenny Wormald, who previously worked with big names like Justin Timberlake, Chris Brown, and Christina Aguilera.


PRICE= $33

Track list
01. 주문(MIROTIC)
02. Wrong Number
03. 노을..바라보다
05. HEY!(Don't bring me down)
06. 넌 나의 노래
07. 무지개
08. 낙원
09. 악녀(Are you A Good girl?)
10. Flower Lady

DVD (No Subtitles)
The 4th Album Surprise Project Directed by TVXQ! <20080830-20080831>
01. Directed by HERO (Interviewee: U-Know)
02. Directed by U-Know (Interviewee: MAX)
03. Directed by MAX (Interviewee: Xiah)
04. Directed by Xiah (Interviewee: Micky)
05. Directed by Micky (Interviewee: HERO)
06. Directed by TVXQ! Talk about MIROTIC
07. Directed by TVXQ! Surprise Project

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