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[News] SMf Project

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1 [News] SMf Project on Sun 03 Aug 2008, 9:51 pm


Suju Arbitrator
Suju Arbitrator

Thank You For your Attention
From : SMf Project

credit: blurkimchi@dbjr

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2 Re: [News] SMf Project on Mon 04 Aug 2008, 11:23 am

U know what this is actually a good idea... its just that the participating websites are all in languages I dont understand.. hehe...
too bad i cant see the concert live either since its gonna be in Thailand..
I soo loovee Sm Town and its talents

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3 Re: [News] SMf Project on Mon 04 Aug 2008, 11:49 am


Kim, i have already e-mailed them saying that our forum will be taking part in this. If you see another picture of this with our forum name included, please replace the picture above^^

i've already asked them to give us further details. When they've replied me, i'll edit this thread.


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4 Re: [News] SMf Project on Mon 11 Aug 2008, 5:53 pm


Suju Arbitrator
Suju Arbitrator
Please Read carefully First

1.This seating plan has been set up for the best enjoyment for all the fans and ADAMAS set the price not to be affordable for the fans

2.There are 4 stages altogether, main stage will almost the width of football field and a long runway come out almost the height of the football field

3.For the seats on the field
i. AL and AR are standing zone, price 4500 THB. Each can hold about 4000 people, totale of approx. 8000 people
ii.B1-B6 and C1-C6 are seating zone, will be high up from the floor, price 4500 THB. Each zone can hold 300 seats, total of 3,600 seats.

4.Seating Zone
i.East side has 3 floors (E1, E2 and E3). The price will be in the picture
a.E1A and E1S each has 78 seats, E1B and E1R each has 140 seats, E1C and E1Q each has 500 seat, the rest have approx. 300 seats each
b.E2A to E2V each has about 300 seats
c.E3A and E3R each has 93 seats, E3B/E3Q each has 150 seats, E3C/E3P each has 200 seats, the rest have approx. 300-500 seats
ii.N zones and S zones will be sold at Thaiticketmajor after presale for convenience.

5. As a support of “BindHearts Project”, ADAMAS joined with SMf Team and Smile Team to run the presale process. ADAMAS will send the exact seat numbers to both teams and each team will look after the sorting of seats for creating fan events.

6. Please go to the website of each team for details of presale. Basic details are as following:
i. Presale starts from 15 – 23 August 2008, public sales starts in September, exact date will be announced.
ii. Presale only with SMf Team and SMile Team. The right side (as in the picture) presale with SMf Team and the left side with SMile Team
iii. Half of the each zones on the field (AL/AR and B1-B6/C1-C6) will be presales
iv. All the seating zone (E1, E2, E3) are open for presale, in order to create fan events from BindHearts Project.
v. North Zones and South Zones are not open for presale
vi. ADAMAS has estimated the presale amount will not over 50% of all seats. Therefore, those haven’t decided can go throught Thaiticketmajor.
vii. Any questions about the presale process, please contact either SMf Team or SMile Team

How to presales?

If you want the right side of this concert [SMf Team] ], you will read this announce

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5 Re: [News] SMf Project on Thu 04 Sep 2008, 11:09 am


Suju Arbitrator
Suju Arbitrator
SM Town Live'08 in Bangkok


Show Time : Saturday November 29, 2008 5.00 - 10.00 P.M.
Venue : Rajamangala National Stadium
Location : Ramkamheang Rd., Huamark
Gate Open : approx. 30 minutes before show start.
Public Sale : From Sunday September 7, 2008 to Saturday November 29, 2008 (On 1st day open sale at 10.00 AM.)

Ticket Price : 4500 [stand/sit], 3500, 2500, 1500, 800
Ticket notice : there was pre-sale , sorry for not notice coz it's for thai resident only and it's sold out in 3 mins!! [i'm not sure about how many, sorry]
Ticket Buying link : ThaiTicketMajor
How to Buy Ticket
- Go to ThaiTicektMajor Website
- Register. You will see menu on the left if no Here
- Go to Sm Town Live in Bangkok Page : Here When it's open u will see on the page how to buy it
- Purchase : i think for international Fans have to do by credit card only

Venue Detail : Rajamangala National Stadium
- on Ramkhamheang Street, the one of the most traffic street in bangkok!!!
- around 30 mins - 1 hrs from international airport up to the traffic
- there are around 7 - 6 hotels near by so check on website urself^^
- i called this road the market road, so u will see many shops on the foopath along that's why it's too traffic =='
- for other who's not stay around Ramkhamheang road, u can go buy bus and boat, but i suggest taxi is the best!![start from 35 bath and 2 bath each kilos]

Official Website
- SM Town live in Bangkok : Here all in Thai
- Thai Ticket Major : Here

- Currency Exchange : Here

- i will not active in the thread anymore, sorry, anything feel free to contach me at my email
- i edited for full edition

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6 Re: [News] SMf Project on Thu 04 Sep 2008, 6:23 pm


Suju Arbitrator
Suju Arbitrator
[Info] 080904 Press Conference in Thailand has been cancelled

From the situation of Thailand right now, ADAMAS finally has announced cancellation of the SM TOWN LIVE IN BANGKOK 2008 Press Conference which was going to be held on the 7th of this month. And the date of ticket public selling will be the same which is 7 September 2008 and also the online ticket which will be available in www.thaiticketmajor.com, starts at 10 AM. (local time). Further information about the press conference will be announced again.

Anyway, TVXQ and Suju stated that they feel very sorry that the schedule has to be postponed for everybody's advantage but they hope to see their fans in Thailand soon and they will recompense the fans by making the last concert of SMTown Live'08 succeed perfectly

However, the SMTown Live’08 In Bangkok will be the same date as it’s scheduled, 29 November 2008.

Source : smtowninbangkok.com
Eng Trans : sele♥kara@sm-thai.net , Nokiie@mickyworld.com
Credits : mickyworld.com / sm-thai.net


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7 Re: [News] SMf Project on Sat 13 Sep 2008, 6:48 am


topic is closed.


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